Metals are key raw materials for nearly all of today’s consumer and industrial products.

AJELIS offers the new fiber materials for selective metal recovery and metal enrichment from liquid waste in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. AJELIS fibers are designed to maximize the strategic metal recycling efforts. They can be directly applied for recycling of different strategic or precious metals from electronic equipment waste as well as from mining wastes.

Séparation of Rare Earths

CYTER is a new separation technology of rare earths, developed by AJELIS in partnership with CEA Saclay, University Paris-Sud XI and SATT Paris-Saclay.

Ask more about CYTER Project.

Recovery of precious metals :

Discover our fiber materials for the selective recovery of gold and platinum from your liquid waste. Our solutions are adapted also for cyanide effluents treatment.


The methods of AJELIS fibers production and certain modes of their application are patented technological innovations.

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