In ion exchange chromatography, the stationary solid phase of the chromatographic column commonly packed with resin beads with covalently attached anions or cations. The key to performance in metal sorption processes is the effective use of the surface area of the sorbent material.

AJELIS offers a new range of fiber products for the purification of biomolecules by affinity chromatography.

Compare to ion exchange resins macroscale beads, METALICAPT fiber sorbents offer the greatest surface for a sorption process since the liquid can easily flow through the material and be in contact with the entire fiber surface.

 AJELIS Fibers compare to ion exchange resins

AJELIS fiber ion exchangers:

AJELIS fiber ion exchangers


AJELIS wishes to develop partnerships with specialists in the biomolecules purification to demonstrate the the benefits of AJELIS products with various examples (proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, lipids, and organic cofactors).

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