HYGIAFELT® - reusable barrier patch with biocidal properties, self-decontaminating and sterilizable
Patchs-barriers HYGIAFELT®
Patchs-barriers HYGIAFELT®

How it works : bacteria and viruses are disactivated when passing through this additional filtrating barrier.

These textiles act as an additional decontaminating barrier to usual materials used in air filters or protective masks FFP2 or other which have only mechanical filtration of particles or water droplets without deactivating them.

Filtration by HYGIAFELT - EN

Download the latest update of HYGIAFELT® description, usage and safety information : HYGIAFELT® – reusable barrier patch with biocidal properties - update of 21 04 EN

The breathability of HYGIAFELT® is 6 times higher than the standard NF EN 149 and the aerosol protection (droplets) is close to 99% for a standard EN 14683 at 95. The complete elements are communicated below in an extract from the report of the tests carried out by DGA Maitrise NRBC (Vert-le-Petit). To these performances is added a biocidal activity of the HYGIAFELT® material which represents a very important asset in critical situations of high infectivity.

Application : air filters, as patch / as insert into masks

HYGIAFELT® is easily calendered with the polypropylene used in standard masks of for air filtering:

Sterilization and reuse: bacteria and viruses are already deactivated when air passes through this filter barrier , but complete sterilization will always be desirable. Since the COVID19 virus destroys at 60 °C and the other pathogenic organisms between 70 and 100 ° C, the safest way to sterilize HYGIAFELT® is to put it to boiling water.

Sterilisation of HYGIAFELT® EN

Examples of immediate HYGIAFELT® applications:

  • Patches for hygiaphones with perforated megaphone: instant installation with a tape
Patch-barrière scotché sur la vitre
  • Mask inserts
Mask model made by AJELIS according AFNOR standards (France)
Mask model made by AJELIS according AFNOR standards (France)
Modèle de masque réalisé par l’Atelier de Leila BAIRI
Modèle de masque réalisé par l’Atelier de Leila BAIRI

Technical and scientific documents demonstrating the properties of the material are available on request: contact@ajelis.com

  • Half mask inserts
Mask NEEOBREATH®, made by Atelier de Guillaume Turbec, in waterproof neoprene. The air only passes through locations equipped with patches.

NEEOBREATH®, made by Atelier de Guillaume Turbec, in waterproof neoprene. The air only passes through locations equipped with patches.

  • Ventilation filters for buildings, planes or trains:

    Domestic aerator simulating a filter in a ventilation system

Material end of life:

HYGIAFELT® material is incinerable like all textile waste (clothing colored with inorganic compounds containing metal salts or organic dyes) and does not require the establishment of a specific destruction process.

HYGIAFELT® Patch has successfully passed the DGA breathability tests (27.03.2020). Breathable material is in accordance with standard NF EN 149 and filtering aerosol particles of 1 and 3 µm in accordance with standard EN 14683 (DGA tests).

Attention : HYGIAFELT® does not yet benefit from certification or homologation in France for surgical masks. By reason of shortage of FFP2 and surgical masks this material can be used for Barrier masks in case that the mask will be sewn in accordance with AFNOR Spec. AFNOR Spec – Barrier masks V1.0 can now be used by any companies or public services wishing to order masks for their employees from a manufacturer.

Usage and safety tips for HYGIAFELT® patches

Mask inserts. Put your Patch inside of barrier craft mask or scotch it to outside part of surgical mask. Manage your mask according to general guidance of World Health Organisation.

Sterilization of Patch. Remove the Patch from the mask before washing it.

You can sterilize the Patch using a kettle: place the Patch in a container resistant to boiling water, boil the water and pour it over the Patch. Leave to cool for 20 minutes then dry the Patch for a new use.


Warning !

KEEP OUT FROM THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not leave within the reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion risks.

Use is under your sole responsibility and must be carried out in strict compliance with the following recommendations:

Do not machine wash. Do not put in the microwave. Do not put the Patch in contact with laundry or household disinfectant products having an acid or base nature.


If used in a mask, do not put in direct contact with your nose or your mouth. As for every non-woven felt, tiny bits of fiber can come off.

If you are allergic to felt, acrylic fibers or copper, you should not use them.

At the end of the period of use of this patch it will be necessary to disinfect it one last time. You can put it in the trash like household garbage.


Please, be reasonable. Obviously, do not eat this patch, or put it in the toilet, or use it in a way that we would not have even imagined!!! The funny proposals of use can be sent to contact@ajelis.com for validation from the scientific team or just for a laugh.

More seriously, all ideas and advices, from scientific or diverse circles are welcome on the use of this novel material. Let's act together against COVID-19!


Dr. Ekaterina SHILOVA and AJELIS team

April, 20th 2020