Working in wastewater treatment field, AJELIS offers the METALICAPT® sorbent materials for the removal of heavy metals (Copper, Nickel, Zinc, etc., toxic substances (Lead, Chromium, Cobalt, etc.) and other pollutants (nitrates, dyes, hydrocarbons, etc.). These materials are composed from nano- et microfibers.

AJELIS fibers are effective alternatives to conventional ion exchange resins and useful addition to your water treatment systems. METALICAPT® sorbents composed from nano/micro-fibres, have more powerful and selective metal capture properties compare to actual metal removal technologies.


• Efficiency over a wide range of metal concentrations

• Compliance with current Industrial Liquid Discharge Standards

• Anticipation of future regulatory thresholds

• Easy recycling of sorbent materials


The methods of METALICAPT® materials production and certain modes of their application are patented technological innovations.

Our products and engineering services can be proposed in combined manner or kept separated according to your needs.


METALICAPT® ion exchange fibers. They could be installed instead or after the conventional resins.  Read more …

Emergency columns containing METALICAPT® fibers are necessary complement to your wastewater treatment installations in order to prevent any accidential release of pollutants. These columns allows to minimize the risks and to be reassured  in case of extraordinary situation of overproduction.

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The conductivity of ultra-pure water made with AJELIS fibers is about 0,002 mS/cm at 25°C.

METALICAPT® fibers adsorb very fast the target pollutants (a few seconds compare to hours needed for the same operation using conventional ion exchange resins).

Emergency blankets made from AJELIS fibers is a solution dealing with live leaks, they prevent the propagation of toxic chemicals in case of accidential release (industrial baths leaks, pipe breaks, etc.) – which need prompt and effective response. They facilitate the repaire, manage a chemical spill and limit the accident.

These materials can be used as Emergency absorbent pads in your chemical laboratories or placed as the absorbent carpets under the floors in the surface treatment production lines.

Filtering columns containing METALICAPT® fibers can substitute your columns with conventional ion exchange resins with gain of place and the overall economy for the waste treatment process.

These filtering columns can also be used as the Emergency columns taking place after your tertiary treatment columns in order to prevent any accidential release of pollutants in case of  overproduction.

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      Test Kit

    AJELIS propose the Kit allowing the testing of METALICAPT® fibers in operating conditions for the treatment of your effluents:

    –         capture of polluting ions or ions of interest;

    –         deionized water production;

    –         lower the concentrations below discharge thresholds.

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