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Download and view our brochures and manuals offline. To view them, you may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC.

AJELIS Brochure

An overview of our services, the discovery and design of new materials with an emphasis on solids.

~ PDF (780KB)

AJELIS Fibers Catalog

Fibers METALICAPT for wastewater treatment and metal recycling.

~ PDF (1723KB)

AJELIS Fibers Executive Summary

New generation of sorbants for waste treatment.  Nano/micro-fibres, having more powerful and selective metal capture properties compare to actual metal/pollutants removal technologies.

~ PDF (440KB)

AJELIS Test Kit – User Manual

This test kit allows the testing of METALICAPT® products in operating conditions for the treatment of your effluents.

~ PDF (900KB)

AJELIS Effluent survey

Your effluent’s description.

~ PDF (902KB)

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