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GEOCAPT® fiber materials : selective uptake of pollutants while allowing water drainage.

GEOCAPT® fabrics remove selectively pollutants from leakages or wastewater to preserve the aquifer. They are light, easy to install, mechanically strong having high absorption capacity. It is well suited for construction sites and different drainage areas. This new generation of filter media is produced from synthetic fibers using breakthrough technology.
GEOCAPT® eliminates a wider range of substances compared to current materials:
acids, bases
heavy metals
GEOCAPT® fabrics are to be installed directly to the ground, water tank or basement construction and used for stormwater, wastewater filtration systems as well as water “polishing” applications.
It is a complementary material to oil and fuel adsorbent geotextile materials improving the competitive advantage of your technical offers :
  • storm water drainage,
  • polluted soils remediation,
  • decontamination actions at construction and demolition sites,
  • preventing water pollution from sites and works near water (permeable filtering geotextile barriers, carpets, cartridges etc.),
  • polluted water storage (sewage disposal systems, storage tanks),
  • overfilling of surface treatment baths, incidents in the surface treatment factories.

Other examples of use

  • Leakages, overflow, aggressive or pollutants liquids splashes in surface treatment sites: carpet laid down underneath the floor of the metallic baths.
  • Aggressive liquids depollution and wiping on work tools and/or metallic or plastic materials.
  • Soil decontamination from toxic metals in case of industrial accidents.
  • Aggressive liquids transport.
  • Protection of employees and manufacturing tools.


  • 50 cm x 10 m non-woven rolls, other sizes available on request.
  • 50 cm x 100 cm mop size.
  • Thickness ranges 2 up to 10 mm. Maximum width of 160 cm.

GEOCAPT® samples of A4 are available on request for 40 Euros HT (delivery cost included).

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