AJELIS SAS is an innovative company created in September 2014 for development and commercialisation of a new technology and a new generation of metal sorbent materials with improved safety and functionality for industrial, high-performance toxic/strategic metal separation applications.

AJELIS ambition is to optimise the waste treatment costs and enable the waste water treatment applications where it was never possible before.

We collaborate closely with public research organisations and key industrial actors of waste-treatment market.

The AJELIS team has a large expertise in the organic chemical synthesis, surface treatment and wastewater decontamination.


Together with its partners AJELIS currently work on the following projects:

  • SOLIEX: materials for selective extraction of radioelements from sea-water (Fukushima problem)
  • CYTER: recovery of rare earths metals from industrial waste
  • NAVIRE: wastewater decontamination from heavy metals

AJELIS develops custom metal-capturing systems based on examination of client needs in decontamination of liquid media and wastewater treatment.

Our passion is in making fiber materials, our expertise is in chemical engineering.


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